Wisdom From the Forest

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New natural dye colors on hand-woven Phnom Srok silk from Cambodia were inspired by my visit to Siem Reap last March.

When I was in Cambodia searching for hand-woven silk cloth for our batik, I had the opportunity to meet an amazing man who has devoted himself for the last 20 years to helping the Cambodian people re-establish their traditional weaving practices which were almost entirely wiped out during the Khmer Rouge years. His name is Kikuo Morimoto.


I had visited the small shop in Siem Reap where the textiles made from the project are sold to fund their community, and was encourage to call Mr. Morimoto to visit the forest project. It is some distance from town and by motorbike, part of the way on a dusty unpaved road. There are no houses along that road and it seemed quite an unlikely area in which to find a forest. But then a gateway appeared at the entrance to the forest.

Entrance gate to the forest

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