Batik tulis, written in wax

Tulis literally translated means “written” , so batik tulis is batik that is drawn or written, by hand. The canting is the pen used for “writing” batik tulis. Melted wax is the ink.The canting is a subtle tool and requires patience and practice to master. My application of those two principles is beginning to show results. I hope eventually to use the canting as freely and expressively as I use a pen. These are photographs of some scarves waxed with written words. The cloth is a hand woven raw silk from Phnom Sruk Province in Cambodia, and it has already been dyed once in vegetable dyes. it will be over dyed again with indigo to produce various shades of blue, grey, and green.

The scarves will serve as prayer banners, mantras, prayer shawls, or altar cloths.



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  1. martha
    martha says:

    I just got off the phone with Dan T and went on your site to look! I love these scarves! – Especially Be Here Now.
    Do you still have any?
    <3 – Now :)))

  2. Daniel Gundlach
    Daniel Gundlach says:

    Hi Martha. Thanks for your inquiry. I made only a few pieces of this scarf. It was an experiment in developing patience and skill with the canting, the pen-like tool for drawing with melted wax, the resist medium in batik. Each scarf took about 2 days on and off at the wax pot, so I didn’t accomplish volumns. I did however practice Ram Dass’ gentle teaching. I was definitely present when making them. You have tapped my shoulder to remind me again, so I think I will melt some more wax.


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